Used This

Modified NIC enclosures to hold 66 punch down blocks to be used for folk festivals.

Moving boxes as a hallway cubical and conference room.

A stuff toy tiger as a hatrack, and two 12’ 1”x12” for bookshelves
at work.

Thomas the tank engine track to show topology knot work.

A 66 block in my house.

A scale 1 drawing of a NOC.

My own survey to select the 4 year college to get my BS in Comp Sci.

A telegraph key to activate a laser pointer 120’ away in a theater as a cue prompt.

A 2” spanner as a musical instrument.

An escalator’s hand rail as a belt drive for spooling ether cable.

3 large nuts on a carabiner as a throwing weight.

9v battery and a VOM as an inexpensive toner and banana.

Various Hand tools as a hammer (including hammers).

Issac Asimov’s _Life and Energy_ book for chemistry class.