My personal evaluation of the 3 basic ways I have spliced phone lines together in
the past, using a punch block is the best choice.
0=super fast,  1=fast,  2=soso,  3=slow,   4=very slow
Install Trouble shoot Tear out Score
punch block 1 1 2 4
bennies 4 3 1  dyke 8
rj45s & barrel
put on the rj45s 2 4 3 catches in the grass 9
rj45s already on 0 :) 4 3 when coiling 7

Not having found any phone enclosures (gasket port for the phone cables) I chose to modify a NIC box.

Enclosure before dremel

The NIC box for a single NIC.

Enclosure after dremel

After removing all the guts, Dremels are great

punch blocks

Cut a 4x50 66 ‘split’ block into 3 4x16 (the one on the left was left over from a previous project).

installing punch blick

Hot glue and squeeze . Before putting the blocks into the enclosures, I put a small bit of hot glue into the hole in the bottom plate to keep top and bottom together.

Enclosures assembled

Five enclosures done with small ziplocks holding bridging clips.

Enclosures labeld

Enclosures labeled.