Spending a year+ in Snow Leopard, over the course of 19 years and 300,000 miles.

Built a
Gravity Lego Marble Maze to put in my cubical’s window.

Being a guardian of the Heart of the Internet.

Produced a state diagram indicating all the possible conditions a domain name can be in. This is being used for internal presentations.

Produced name server performance spreadsheet charts tracking 14 data lines. A senior VP would hold up these charts as examples of high data density while still maintaing clarity.

Installed flooring in my basement.

Became a dad to Charles.

Designed and built the bookcases in my basement. In a strange round about way, this required putting a floor in the garage attic.

Made the crawl space an almost pleasant place to store and fetch stuff - hence its nick name of “/tmp”.

Got Hitched to Suzanne and became a step-dad to Byron.

Designed the lighting for the 2001 World Science Fiction Convention main and minor tents.
“Got it right the first time, so I don’t have do it again”

Me and my Silly Other Suzanne got mortgaged.

Being an electrician for the National Folk Festival, 1999 - 2007.
2008 Richmond Folk Festival power for Ops compound and phone lines, link to pics.

Designing T-Shirts with subnet-masks.
Link to photos of said shirts.

Being Power Czar and Designing NOCs for the Interop trade show in the mid-1990s.

Being an undergraduate Sep 1992 - May 1996 (college drop-in)
Attended Montgomery Community college Rockville MD and Binghamton University (SUNY)
Got a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Cartography
“Getting a 4 year degree in 4 years without drinking coffee”

Dug for a water main in a National Park, while the staff critiqued.

Wrote an
awk program that would sorted a 3 dimensional array of unknown size.

Sys-admin to a VAX 750 and VAX 8250 in a law firm.

Wrote a cut rate version of
grep in REXX for IBM mainframes running CMS.

Wrote an intra-office email and bulletin-board subsystems as part of Safe-Haven. A multi-program multi-programmer source library productivity tool I Conceived, created, and document it. Jan 1988

Became a God Father to Russell (mom is Hilary).

Wrote a cross-reference program in Microsoft COBOL using
edlin as the editor.

Design and built a folding table saw so I could in turn build a radial arm saw stand.

Being the phone tech for the Washington Folk Festival, 1986 - present.

Recorded (at the band’s request) Clam Chowder live at the Takoma Cafe.

Almost arrested for using $2 bills to buy a meal in Indiana.

Wrote my own screen editor in Basic that would print pica/elite bold, italic, sub/super-scripts as well as doublewide - 1982 CP/M

Used a motorcycle as my primary transportation.

A glove on the desk top to hold an upside mouse. This was in the early 80s and there was no room to move the mouse on the desk. The usual approach was to move it an inch, pick it up and put it down at the starting point and move it an inch, repeat ... So turned the dual wheel mouse upside down place in the palm of the glove and turned the wheels with my fingers. The mouse shown upside down 18 sec into this 47 sec
video is much like the one I used.

In United States Air Force Apr 1980 to Apr 1984
Posted at the Air Force Data System Design Center at Gunter A.F.S., Alabama
Honorable discharged as a Sergeant
“It is the immersion method of learning how to speak military”

Became a college drop out - to enlist.

Caving in East Tenn.

Became a theater tech at the community theater, Oak Ridge Playhouse

Hiking and camping in the Smokies.

Taking pictures and doing the darkroom work.