NOC T-Shirts I designed

In 1992 Interop came to Washington DC. Because and during this show, I decided to be a college drop in and earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science. I also started designing T-Shirts for the NOC team.

inNOCuous  March 1993

Spring 1993 - was actually held before the spring equinox which meant it was really winter, and the day after the show was over it snowed 8 inches. I goofed with the greek letters by using zeta instead of epsilon. The line above the binary is Mayan which did not have a symbol, that I know of, for zero. The inside joke here is that many vendors would tell us that a 22 bit subnet mask would not work because it was not a multiple of 8.

NOCturnal  August 1993  Front

August 1993 - The shirt is a reference to a trouble ticket entered during the Spring 1993 show: “Unsafe frog light has come on again”. Many of the acronyms are from the trouble ticket. During the show this trouble ticket broke the Trouble Ticketing system due to the amount of text put into the diary section, raising that fun question - how do you report the Trouble Ticketing system is down. It was fixed that night. The subnet mask is there :)

NOCturnal  August 1993  Back

Back of August 1993 - A later entry on this ticket stated in part that “It has been determined by many people here in the NOC that Orange frogs ...”, hence the color of the frog on the back of the shirt.

TechNOCrat's   May 1994

1994 - Being a full time college student with no income, I would design and front the funds for the run of T-Shirts. Then sell them at cost - rounded to the nearest 25 cents - to the NOC team. A usual run was for 45 shirts: 12 L, 24 XL, 6 XXL, 3 XXXL

inNOCently  Hotstage 1995

Hotstage 1995 - This one focused on the how spending 3 straight weeks of 12-16 hours days in an un-air-conditioned warehouse during the summer with several megawatts of network gear and no hope of escape can seem like the humans are the ones being grilled. The layout sort of mimicked an ad for the Networld+Interop show.

primum non NOCere

1996 - the AUP sign was Inspired by a sign I saw when exiting from the New Jersey Turnpike. There are two references that the subnet mask is now 16bits. There are some references to other t-shirts, as well as a hidden message. The 1992-1994 shirts were designed using a windows 3.1 drawing application (I forgotten the name). The 1995 and 1996 shirts were done using Corel Draw 5.